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Daimec News is the web platform that collects articles and insights on the history, products and processes at the heart of an Italian company, active in the sector since 1974.

Got an idea? Daimec realizes your projects!

DAIMEC Srl, an entrepreneurial reality born from the synergistic union of two companies in Brescia, arises as...
Daimec - Ibb1974

The strengths of Daimec Srl

The distinctive strengths of Daimec Srl emerge clearly, highlighting a high level of expertise in product industrialization and a remarkable capacity for integrated production...

LIGNO: A symphony of nature’s beauty and sustainable artistry

Nature, with its sophisticated complexity, continues to inspire human talent in many ways. Among the infinite wonders of flora, trees, with their intricate branches...
Daimec - Ibb1974

DAIMEC gives shape to your ideas

Customization of your product is possible with DAIMEC! From stylistic research and all the way to product design, the company supports you in the...
Daimec - Ibb1974

DAIMEC Srl: a story of innovation and excellence

In the heart of the industrial lands of Bedizzole, province of Brescia, lies an excellence in the world of furniture: DAIMEC Srl.  Founded in 1974,...

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