Daimec: quality furnishings from the foundry to your bathroom

Daimec stands out in the bathroom furniture sector for its ability to combine Italian artisanal excellence with technological innovation. 

The result is a complete and integrated production chain, which guarantees the highest quality standards in every phase, from design to the creation of the finished product.

A closed production cycle for total control

The company’s strength lies in its internal production cycle, which includes all the phases necessary for the creation of high-end bathroom furnishings:

Die-casting: the internal foundry, equipped with the latest generation of automated machinery, allows for producing high-precision, high-quality metal components. Strict parameter control ensures consistent and reliable results;

Mechanical processing: CNC milling and turning, supported by a specialized technical office, ensures maximum efficiency and precision processing components. Daimec can respond to requests for samples and production of medium and large series;

Polishing: the sanding and polishing phase, carried out with targeted cycles, gives Daimec products an impeccable finish free from imperfections. For more complex pieces, the company uses tumbling and vibratory finishing techniques in ceramic, which guarantee the highest level of results;

Galvanic treatment: thanks to the collaboration with a specialized partner company, Daimec also offers high-quality galvanic treatments, which protect the products from corrosion and enhance their aesthetics;

Collaboration with Daimec designers: the key to innovation

Daimec believes in collaborating with expert designers to develop innovative, personalized products. 

This approach allows the company to interpret market needs and propose unique and functional bathroom furnishing solutions.

The result: superior quality bathroom furnishings

Combining advanced technologies, craftsmanship, and attention to design results in superior-quality bathroom furniture products that stand out for their aesthetics, functionality, and durability. 

Daimec represents an example of Italian excellence in the sector. It can combine tradition and innovation to offer bathroom furnishing solutions that meet the highest demands.

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