Innovative solutions for anchoring without damage: Daimec fixing systems

In the world of furniture and architecture, finding innovative solutions for fixing without damaging surfaces has become a priority for many companies, including Daimec

To meet the practical and aesthetic needs of its customers, Daimec has developed alternative systems that allow products to be mounted without resorting to traditional drilling. Among the options offered are gluing and the use of a high-strength 3M adhesive film.

Non-drilling fixing systems:


The first fixing system proposed by Daimec is gluing, a solution that eliminates the need to drill holes in the surface. 

This process employs a strong glue that allows products to be tightly secured without permanently damaging the supporting surface.

A significant advantage of this option is the ease of glue removal in the future, ensuring that the underlying surface remains intact. This solution is ideal for those seeking temporary installation or those wishing to avoid irreversible damage to surfaces. 

The use of glue is perfectly illustrated in the video below.

Adhesive tape 3M

Another alternative proposed by Daimec is the use of a high-strength 3M adhesive film. This solution is particularly suitable for those who want a strong fastening system.

The 3M bi-adhesive film provides a secure hold, ensuring that Daimec products remain firmly anchored without compromising the integrity of the surfaces. In addition, this film can be easily removed when needed without leaving residue or damaging the surface. It is an ideal choice for those seeking a flexible and reversible mounting solution.

Daimec stands out in the industry not only for the quality of its products, but also for its attention to customers’ practical and aesthetic needs. The innovative fixing systems offered by the company represent state-of-the-art solutions for those who wish to furnish or decorate spaces without compromising the beauty of the supporting surfaces.

Daimec provides a specific kit, which includes a surface cleaner sachet, the primer and the adhesive. It’s important to highlight that 3M products are specifically utilized for flat surfaces, while the adhesive component demonstrates versatile bonding capabilities across diverse surfaces.

With these options, Daimec continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing versatile, customized solutions that meet the changing needs of the market.

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