The mirror as a cult design object: discover it with DAIMEC

The mirror: a bit of history

The mirror, originally made of metal sheets capable of reflecting objects and people, may have had its roots in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, where the development of metallurgy made its production possible. Initially, they were considered complex and expensive craft objects, probably reserved for the wealthier classes, dedicated to luxury and personal care.

The modern concept of the mirror emerged in the Middle Ages, with the use of sheets of glass joined by metals. However, the breakthrough that made them more accessible occurred in the 19th century, thanks to the work of the German chemist Justus von Liebig. He developed the technique of silvering, which consists of applying a solution containing silver nitrate, ammonia and tartaric acid to the glass, allowing small particles of silver to be fixed, which are then coated with shellac.

The mirror as a design object

This innovation not only has made them more accessible, but also has increased their decorative power. Mirrors, once introduced into homes, can in fact amplify light and space, creating elegant optical illusions and contributing to the aesthetics of the room.

Today, they have become almost indispensable accessories in everyday life, not only for their functionality, but also for their role in furnishing and embellishing spaces. To achieve the maximum effect, it is essential to choose and position them carefully, following a few tricks. Due to their versatility in terms of shape, colour, size and finish, they easily adapt to any furnishing style, whether modern, classic or vintage.

Daimec and bathroom mirrors

In the world of interior design, the quest for elegant design, functionality and quality is constantly in the spotlight. In this sense, DAIMEC’s mirrors perfectly represent the Made in Italy concept of elegance and refinement in bathroom design.


The distinctive skills of Daimec Srl clearly emerge, highlighting a high level of expertise in the industrialisation of products and a remarkable capacity for integrated production. But what makes Daimec a point of reference in the industrial panorama is above all its bathroom lines and accessories, including mirrors. 

Daimec offers magnifying mirrors in polished chrome and wall mirrors.

For the first category, Daimec offers two types, both wall-mounted, one with a one-arm support, equipped with integrated LED, and one with a two-arm support. Both facilitate beauty routines with 3x magnification.

As far as wall mirrors are concerned, Daimec has several in its catalogue, which in their essentiality and functionality represent DAIMEC’s idea of elegance.


All these mirrors are:

  • Frameless and with a stainless steel frame;
  • Reversible;
  • Have a warranty according to EEC regulations;
  • Can be made to measure at the customer’s request;
  • Have a thickness of 4 mm;

The models offered by DAIMEC all have an integrated touch LED lighting system. 

With its production, the company confirms itself as a point of reference in the sector, offering not only bathroom accessories, but true design elements that reflect Made in Italy elegance and quality, with mirrors that stand as the fulcrum of beauty and functionality in our most intimate spaces.

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