Tumbling in Daimec’s production plant

Tumbling is a process that is used for the mechanical removal of substrate residue, particularly burr, from processing such as stamping. It is particularly suitable for obtaining a surface finish suitable for subsequent electrostatic powder coating.

How does tumbling take place?

It is done by rolling and bumping the parts in a barrel (the tumbler), that contains abrasive material; the barrel is subjected to mechanical vibration, which allows the parts to come into contact with the same abrasive material and polish them. Eventually, machining can be done as well by liquid immersion.

In Daimec’s production facility

Within its production process, Daimec uses tumbling in particular to smooth the surface to make it suitable for painting treatment.

In the tumbling process that Daimec performs, the surfaces are smoothed with the final result of a surface that is not glossy, but matte and tapped, making it excellent for a color finish.

In the video below you can see a machine in action inside the Daimec production facility: each component is placed in the barrel individually to make sure that each piece does not come into contact with the next. For this type of component, the process takes 40 minutes.

Did you know that Daimec guarantees the customisation of products according to its customers’ needs, following the production process from A to Z?

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