LIGNO: A symphony of nature’s beauty and sustainable artistry

Nature, with its sophisticated complexity, continues to inspire human talent in many ways. Among the infinite wonders of flora, trees, with their intricate branches branching off the main trunk, have always fascinated with their extraordinary structure and organic design.

In an ode to natural engineering, Daimec‘s LIGNO collection is a celebration of this extraordinary natural architecture. Born from the inspiration of tree branches, this line captures the elegance, complexity and yet functionality of this admirable structure.

The most distinctive feature of the LIGNO collection is its ability to combine the organic aesthetics of nature with the practical functionality of modern engineering. The details of tree branches, with their sinuous lines and intricate branches, are masterfully reinterpreted in each element of the collection.

The designer: Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà


Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà is an industrial designer, attentive and sensitive to the most important and heterogeneous design and artistic movements of the last century. In his proposal, he combines a twofold soul both technical and artistic.

Mr. Scutellà is the designer behind the production of our LIGNO line. Harmony with nature is the founding principle of his art: respecting nature means embracing its languages, and trying to offer multiple keys to its interpretation is his way of approaching its essence. 

LIGNO: sustainable innovation

With the LIGNO collection, Daimec not only celebrates the beauty of nature, but is also committed to sustainability

Each piece in Daimec’s production is made with eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes that minimize environmental impact: chrome-plated brass, recycled steel, stainless steel Aisi 304/Aisi 316L and recycled aluminum.

Each piece is manufactured according to the production processes and high quality standards required by the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification.

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